Inspired By My M Buddy :)

My Mind Goes Everywhere
Through Our Memories Ii'm Spinning There
And I'm Picking Up Those Moments , When We Were LOLing
And This Time When U Kept Me From Falling.
I Was Calling In Vain , But U Drived Me Insane 
U Told Me I'm Poor But I Won't Slam The Door
Coz U Know... I'm Still Got U Back
Ya I Told U I Missed u I'm Telling u I Care....
U Just Walked In UR Own Way 
But I'm Stll Got U There 
Coz Somewhere.. Where The Whole World Is Falling Apart
Where Guys' Causing Scares .. I'll Be There 
Coz, I Never Meant To Let U Go 
U Just Got To Know
That I'm Right Here 
Even If The Whole World Disappeared
Just Think About Me And U'll Find Me There
Just Know That Every Step U'll Take I'll Be Pushing Through
Just Take The Chances, U Won't Look Like A Fool
Think Outside The Box , Don't Make As It Told
Chase UR Dream
Have UR Say
Don't Ever Think About Stay The Same Way
Coz U'll Find URself In U 
No One Else Will Be Taking Control
Com'on Don't Skip This Truth
Go On And Take Coz I Know U Can Make It Just Play It Cool, Make It On UR Rule
Then I'm Sure , U Got UR Goal 
''Just Believe That Whatever Happen U Always CAN ''