Hell OMG xD

=O isn’t it awesome to find the teacher who teachs u when u was young askin u about ur view and what u think bout any matter , i really do appreciate that from ma Mr of English that’s why i want to share it with u guys
he said to me on facebook replying on what i posted :
” well i wanna share this tweets with u guys coz its hilarious lol btw MB stands for Muslim Brotherhood >
**just islamic and war movie wil be in cinema , no romantic ,no drama , no turkish series #ifMBruled
**Gama3et el nahy 3n el monkar wel 2mr bel m3rof will appear in egypt #ifMBruled
**u will not find beauty centers in #egypt #ifMBruled
‎**they will fight by sword #ifMBruled
**belly dancers will stay in home #ifMBruled :
**they will delete haram st. We7na msh hn3raf n3eesh #ifMBruled #egypt
they will cancel m3goon el asnan w hynazlo bdalo swak #ifMBruled
hay7aramo el 3rabyaat w hnbda2 nstawrd gemal market toyota w bmw #ifMBruled
this was by @AhmedTawfiq via Twitter
then my amazing teacher posted on my wall
i read your comment about the guy on tweter . this guy eithr one of two may be he doesnot know any thing about the mb or he is one of those who hate them for nothing except for their names or as an idalogy like those secularisms or the lefts . so what do you think we should do with them?
waw isn’t it amazing that ur teacher is askin u such a question uh anyway my answer was this >>>
Noha Shoaib i’m doin ma best on twitter replyin on guys like him in a kind way , but i guess the district reply will be by actions , when they deal with the Muslim Brotherhood’s members they’ll know that it was a big lie made by not just the dictators but also by the western leaders , they’r freakin out when they just listen to the word MB ….. but really egyptian ppl are awesome coz when u face them with truth they accept it ,when i talked with some of those guys he said : can u imagine how strict the “censorship” will be? i was like they’r not that district at all i can imagine first of all it won’t be strict second they said they won’t go for presidency elections and i know alot of them they are like us , nseriously ,no kiddin …..then he said shall I favourite ur tweet and sue u when they rule? :P then i said : ” yeah fav. it and we’ll all see and btw even if they rule fav it too to prove to u what they’ll do and what they’r like =) ” he said deal then i thanked him for respectin my view and i really surprised by his respond as he said ” No, thank u 4 the healthy sweet conversation” …… its really awesome like tey just wanna to see the action then they can judge what ever they say we’ll respect it though , btw thanks Mr. for the interest :)

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