Imma Egyptian Girl

Egypt, Egypt , Egypt …i wasn’t like everyone who always saying that he now ,just now , proud to be Egyptian
nah i was and always proud of being an egyptian but really after that revelution i know what does
it mean to be Egyptian .
i’m talking about Getting our Egypt back ,yeah actuallyit wasn’t mine at all
it was like its not our country , it wasn’t our future
Me ,my self was dreaming of going overboard and complete ma study there any where else except for
complete it here , but now after i get ma Egypt back , i can’t just let’er go with itself
i feel like i gotta stay here , i have to complete our revelution
and btw our Revelution wasn’t just demonstrations and protesting , Demonstration and protesting was
part of it but this part i guess did its job and the president stepped down Now another sort of
revelution is about or already started and i’m talking about reinessance .
Everytime i’m on the street and seeing those guys who cleaning the streets , tears drops of ma eyes coz its really awesome
to have guys like those in our country , i’m so unlucky i wasn’t with them all the time just coz i’ve lessons in the morning and they just be there in the morning
but away from me , Egypt youth is terribly awesome , like seriously i’m not kiddin , yup they are
and i’m not just saying coz i’m one of them , u can come here in Egypt and u’ll surprised by what i just said
and lets talk about army youth , i know all the ppl say they are so kind
i’ll talk about them but in diffrent point of view they are really Funny , hillarious as i dealed with them yeah they really are
enough said but not enough proud , not enough words could describe what ma feelin is
but till the words come i’ll be always Egyptian =)

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