Why History?!

I said it when the revolution started and i'll say it again now :'' i know now why we were studying history '', just coz really i know now ,why we was,just now

Well lets face it , we all don't love history at all BUT we all now .... or i don't know i'll talk about me i don't know your feeling yet , but i wanna to study history again and yeah for those who don't know me ,i stopped studying history since hmmmm almost two years now as i'm studying chemistry and biology  anyway now ,seiously i wanna back to history and especially the history of palestine .
it's its time now ,it's the time we have to know it with every small details to know exactly who's our enemy and to get more power from knowing what did they do with our brother and sisters here and there ,and what did they stole from us and how they did that EVERY THING , Don't u guys really need to know ...???
We gotta be ready for the coming days and yeah i'm saying ''days'' cause it's just like that . we all should've realized that the days of life at stake now , it's about to end and we also believe it'll end for us but not that easy it's our responsibility . we gotta deserve it , and sacrifice our everything to make it happen 
So, what do u think guys we need also to be more ready for that??   

11:20 pm

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