Palestine will be free

since i was hmmm a child my mom raised me on the old songs of Palestine , so u can say that Palestine is part of my character , part of my identity ... it's simply part of me 
since also i was a child , Palestine was occupied ,with no right to be at all, In Egypt we used to feel that , we all have the passion of defend them and trying to help them and collect donations for them but luckily we had an amazing , really amazing =/ ,government who was blocking every way we could send them those donations by. just because the previous government was dealing with the enemy , the enemy who killed and detained children with no reason , with no right .......  
and as i said before , Egypt wasn't ours at all but now it's ours and all the Arab world belongs with the Arab nations , no one can stand against us when we'r united , no one will eva take our freedom , no more 
it's time for clearing the earth from all the injustice it's time to live the real life , the end of the world is coming so everyone gotta turn to god ask for forgiveness and pray for the whole world and we gotta raise our spirit more , we gotta do it , Palestine will be free all of us know that even Israel itself know that
at the End #NeverSayNever , we said such a revolution won't happen 
and here it is , now Palestine will be free , here it goes and yup it will >> 

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