أمسيتي الشعرية

The most word that will describe ma feeling towards this night is PERFECT
that maybe coz it’s ma first time to attend event like that .. i’ve never listened to a poet live and this was AMAZING ………..TILL THE END
** the poet was ”abd alrahman yousuf alkaradawy ” **
and the most amazing thing bout it is tat it was bout what’s happining in Egypt what’ll happen next what shall we do , what’s the next step and so on…..
HONESTLY i was started to think that the spirit of revolution is gone and all the people now just think bout themselves and i though that everyone gave up BUT today i got ma spirit high back and now i can go on with no lookin back ….. wait i’ll look back to learn from the past but ma steps to complete our freedom won’t end …. i promise
i made ma promise and i sworn to Allah that’ll protect this country with what i can do and here i am say
I’ll Never Break Ma promise
I’ll Never Let ma Mom (i mean Egypt) Down , Nevaaa
I’ll Always Be her Eyes
I’ll Always Be Her Lawyer
I’ll Always Be Her Soldier
And at the End
I’ll Always Be Egyptian
I’ll Always Be Me

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