New Egypt , Are You On It ?? =)

well i was creepin on u guys on twitter talkin and FIGHTING bout this reforms and i really wanna to make something clear guys
if u called for democracy , u wasn’t suppose to refuse the fact that the majority of people said yes
that didn’t mean they’r all stupid and ur the genius and didn’t mean either that ur stubid and we r not ….
But we’ve brain , we all made the revolution, we manage to fight for our freedom and we got it
now we’r breaking this freedom by this silly arguments bout yes or no
who said yes isn’t an (agenda) and who said no isn’t a (3amel) or something
i feel like i get lost in ma words but i’m really sleepy so see ya guys at morning but if u read this tell me what ya think bout this propaganda and what u think will be next , what u’ll do? tell me

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