a paper from ma diary =)

Well , ma writing today won’t be a diary at all but it’ll be about justin bieber , I know maybe I’m talking about him a lot , seems like I’m obsessed ,well  >>I AM obsessed but not coz  he’s a huge singer , amazing actor nah , not coz of that that’s maybe the reason I know him but seriously what made me so obsessed is justin bieber himself , the character itself . *those guys who ain’t a fan really don’t know what justin bieber is.. they just know that he’s singing and acting and they think that he’s one of those guys who forget who was he after he became famous … if u really know him u will neva say such a thing
Well, I know I didn’t know him personally but I guess actions talks about itself –first of all I’ve neva see a famous one who ever was he talking with his fan on twitter like seriously! He made time to talk to his fans , he even didn’t make u feel ,in his tweets, that he’s famous …he’s talking like an ordinary guy , chilling his fan neva feel he’s bigger and better than him
Me maself the most thing I love about justin is watching his interviews coz frankly I learnt from him how to make pranks so ma experience plus his experience can make me more weirdo ,crazy one I love that
But the most thing that hurting me is how ma friends think of him , they always say he’s a KID , what the heck guys , we are 17 don’t mean we don’t have to like guys smaller than us we even won’t marry him wth! I don’t know how they think but it just I wanna talk bout what he did and when I just say I:” guys I wanna tell ya something epic” they been like ”omg ,not justin bieber again” … I know that it’s their decision but they gotta even just listen to what I’ll say =/
He always doin amazing stuffs like what he did to Hayley and he met her and how was she was so happy meeting him and what he tweeted after getting back and what he said  even before going to met’er he’s that kind =)
And what he did with thsis girl in the new year and he made her Christmas wishes come true and singing her wishes to all the world on the stage and go give’er what she wished for himself ,he could’ve make anyone give’er that but …. What can I say that’s what justin bieber stands for
Else, what he did with his fans in never say never premier , can u tell me who eva surprise his fan on the theater while they waiting for the movie , wearing their purple3D  glasses then suddenly he show up out of blue with Jaden and Usher what a sweet person! , is this really a real person ?!, didn’t u guys see
And lately he donate his hair to charity aw com’on its too much for me to handle justin
I don’t write this for justin to read or even for the haters to know who is he I write this , here in ma diary to till ma babies later and ,if I could, to tell the world WHY I’MMA BELIEBER
I really know what belieber stands for , and hey”Bieber fever” I even have it before I know justin coz this fever stands for being honest to ur self , face the world with ur smile , donn make ur parent get mad at u , donn listen to rumors , to beliebe that everything happen for a reason , to beliebe in ur self what eva happened  , to know how to deal with ur anger , to know how to make people happy , to teach people how to be proud of being their  own selves and to know who’s chalk Norris… to… to… ,….. and so on .a lot of stuffs a lot of letters a lot of worlds but more and more of appreciate what make me so sure that all of this ain’t fake what a girl said to me that he said in one of his concert  in l.A I can’t say what he said coz I’m not sure I didn’t listened to that directly but I’ll keep it for the rest of ma life , really he’s a man , he’s a wise guys …. He’s FUNNY  finally he’s JUSTIN …..
I said what’s in ma mind , what I really sea , what I really beliebe in so if u’ve any prob. With it just tell me anyway I won’t bite but it just I wanna know what u think about that , that’s ma opinion , and there’s urs so lets share it we can make a lot together , love y’all guys ,peace

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